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Making life better for the blind and visually impaired

White Cane Day Walk to be held in Selma on Oct. 14th

V.I.P. Visually Impaired People Organization, Inc. of Selma, Alabama to hold a national day for “the white cane.” Nationally known as “White Cane Day!”

Purpose of the event: a day of unity to bring the sighted and sighted community leaders together with the visually impaired community to show that we are all alike under god’s eyes. This is an educational event to learn about the lifestyle, likes and needs of the visually impaired.

When: The event will be held on October 14th, 2 pm at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge. There will be a prayer and then folks from each group will be paired together with someone they do not know. They will walk in unity to the St. James Hotel down the sidewalk on the water avenue side where there will be a speaker talking about the purpose of the white cane and its history. There will also be local elected leaders present at the St. James Hotel, who will greet the guests of the event.

For more information on this event call William H. Bowman at 334-354-4015. To learn more about V.I.P. and its mission. Go visit or VIP Organization Inc. on Facebook.

Event sponsors include:

The V.I.P. Organization Inc.
Primary Eyecare Center. Dr. Kristina Lovinggood, OD.
Preferred Eye Care, Dr. Ashley Williams, OD.
Carter Drug Co.
The St. James Hotel of Selma, Alabama
Alabama News Network

Speakers include:

Welcome: William H. Bowman, President of the V.I.P Organization Inc.
Greetings from Selma Mayor James Perkin Jr.
Probate Judge Jimmy Nunn
Song by Catresa Crews
What is the white cane by Charlie Gunn
Closing prayer by Dr. Rev. Smith