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Making life better for the blind and visually impaired

VIP awarded grant for garden project and to promote healthy eating

VIP accepting a presentation sized check

V.I.P. CEO William H. Bowman was on hand to receive a $5,000 grant for the V.I.P. garden project for the blind and visually impaired that will teach people how to raise a garden in their backyard. The grant was used to buy materials used to raise a garden. The project will also be used to promote healthy eating.

"Thanks to the RC&D and Ala-Tom. We can reap what we sow and eat what we raise," Bowman said. "We teach folks how to live independently if we are shut down by another pandemic."

Mr. Bowman entertained the other grant recipients with his speech on his hurdles and obstacles he has encountered while finding the proper equipment and supplies while having a visual impairment. Also, supply and demand for products and the lack of products available have proven to be obstacles.

"It took a year to get all we needed to do the project." Bowman said. "My visual impairment is an inconvenience, not a disability. This project was slow getting started, but it will be a project that will help many blind and visually impaired people from all across the United States."

We will share our successes and failures with you all on this page. Watch out for opportunities for field trips to come view the gardens.