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Making life better for the blind and visually impaired

Educational Programs

William Bowman, CEO of Visually Impaired People, is available to motivate and encourage your employees and students to be tolerant of the visually impaired. Hire William today to deliver one of several encouraging messages.

ABC’s to Success in the Classroom and on the Playing Field
This program is designed to inspire and motivate your teams to success on the field or court and in the classroom to excellence. Mr. Bowman will teach your team to achieve their goals through having a good attitude, believing in themselves and teammates, commitment to hard work and communication with coaches and others. This 30-minute program has proven to be successful for teams that have heard it have had winning seasons on the field or court and in the classroom.

Coach of the Selma High Saints Leroy Miles said, "It was a pleasure to have Mr. Bowman share his message with our team. It was right on time with what we have tried to teach them. It is good to have someone from the community talk to these young men that is recognized as a positive figure like Mr. Bowman."

Consultant Mystery Shopper Program
William Bowman makes an appearance in stores, restaurants, motels, doctors’ offices, hospitals etc. - any place where the public gathers and does business. He does a survey to see if it is accessible for the sight impaired and gives recommendations on how it can be improved. He also gives out customer service awards to staff members that go the extra mile to help customers with special needs. All done in one visit.

Marcus Williams of HOOTER'S Montgomery said, "Mr. Bowman taught our staff some lessons on good customer service and easy thing s we can do to improve our customers with special needs to make their visit with us better. He also taught our girls what it is like not to be able to see the menu and the importance of reading it to the visually impaired customer. He also taught them to be better people with his message of hard work and commitment."

Give Me The Tools And A Little Extra Time And I Can Do Anything

This is a program designed for schools and for senior programs. Its purpose is to educate the public about what an individual with sight problems face trying to live a normal life as well as use assistive technology to accomplish everyday tasks such as reading and cooking.

Let's Make a Difference in a Customer's Life Today
This program is designed to help businesses increase sales to the visually impaired. It is also designed help business excel in customer service by showing the importance of having sales associates who take time to help the visually impaired. This program would be ideal for restaurants, retail stores, and hotels.

Anti-Bullying: "Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me"
This program is designed to educate students and adults to what it is like to be bullied and made fun of because one is different. It is done to teach tolerance for people who look and act different.

The program is taught from a person's point of view that has a visual disability and shows how it made him feel to be made fun of daily. Music and drama is used to tell the story to drive home the message of bullying. The program also shows how hard it is for a person that is different to fit into the community. The purpose is to stop bullying and crime in local schools.

To learn more about how to stop bullying click here to visit a site to combat bullying in Alabama.

Want to hire William?

William is available to discuss program pricing and any other information you might need. If you have questions please click here to contact us or call (334) 354-4015.