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Making life better for the blind and visually impaired

About Visually Impaired People, Inc.

The V.I.P. Organization, Inc. is a 501 {c} {3} tax exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to providing low vision educational programs, support, and mentoring to the blind and visually impaired of Selma and throughout Dallas County. The sight impaired deserve to lead a productive and independent life.

V.I.P. Support Group
The support group meets quarterly at the Golden Ranch BBQ restaurant in Selma for a luncheon. The purpose of the group is to give psychological support to people who have visual impairments. This is done through encouragement and mentoring

Mentoring Program
In the mentoring program an individual with a visual impairment is paired up wtih somone who has similar sight problems to offer encouragement and support to that person.

The Buddy System works to cure frustrations with losing sight. All volunteers are trained to work with the blind and visually impaired to accommodate whatever is needed to ensure that the client's needs are met.

Educational Programs
"Give Me The Tools And A Little Extra Time And I Can Do Anything" is a program designed for schools and for senior programs. Its purpose is to educate the public about what an individual with sight problems face trying to live a normal life as well as use assistive technology to accomplish everyday tasks such as reading and cooking.

This program is a hands-on demonstration of low vision devices. "Let's Make a Difference in a Customer's Life Today" is designed to help businesses increase sales to the visually impaired. Its purpose is to help business excel in customer service.

Low Vision Technology Lab
The lab is located at the Primary Eyecare Associates office at 3007 Citizens Parkway in Selma. The lab is equipped with different assistive devices to help the visually impaired live an independent life.

These devices include big print Bibles, talking clocks, electronic magnifiers, etc.